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September 18, 2019

The Global Campaign for Peace Education launches Peace Knowledge Press!

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The Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE), in partnership with the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), has just launched Peace Knowledge Press, a brand new publishing imprint!

Peace Knowledge Press will financially benefit our work in peace education (all net proceeds support the GCPE and IIPE) and support the advancement and dissemination of peace knowledge to educators, activists, academics, and new audiences around the world! We also aim to keep our costs low to assure the peace knowledge is accessible to all who wish to pursue it.

Peace knowledge is the foundation upon which all education and action pursuing peace are based. Awareness of a broad knowledge base of peace is essential for designing the learning, research, strategies, and institutions essential for overcoming violence, in all its forms, and for nurturing global civic responsibility, and the development of a culture of peace. Betty Reardon, whose life work is the inspiration for launching Peace Knowledge Press, identified 4 components of the field of peace knowledge: peace research, peace studies, peace education, and peace action. We consider these 4 components to be holistically interrelated, with each offering a distinct contribution to the knowledge base. Learn more about how we conceptualize peace knowledge here.

We are in the very early stages of this new venture. Over the next year, we will be inviting a handful of authors to prepare new books and will also embark upon reprinting a number of out of print publications that have been foundational to the field of peace education. By the end of October, we hope to have a reprint of Betty Reardon’s groundbreaking “Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility.” First published in 1988, this book is cited by many as establishing a theoretical and pedagogical foundation of the academic field.

After we develop our initial catalog we intend to expand our offerings and invite open calls for book proposals. We have a vision guided by a strong South-to-North knowledge exchange supported by scholars, educators, and activists in our growing network of peace educators.

We are deeply grateful to all who have supported this new foray into publishing, especially William M. Timpson, our first published author! Please check out his new book below and consider purchasing it as a gift for yourself or another deserving educator! Stay tuned for preview snippets of Learning Life’s Lessons that will be published on the Global Campaign for Peace Education website over the next several months.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support of peace education. Thank you for joining us on this tireless and inspiring journey promoting peace knowledge around the world.


Tony Jenkins, PhD
Founder, Peace Knowledge Press
Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education
Managing Director, International Institute on Peace Education

Learning Life’s Lessons: Inspirational Tips for Creating Peace in Troubled Times

By William M. Timpson, PhD

“Learning Life’s Lessons: Inspirational Tips for Creating Peace in Troubled Times,” by William Timpson, is the first publication of Peace Knowledge Press!

For anyone needing to be inspired in these troubled, contentious and polarized times: know that other times have been darker and somehow, someway, people found ways to pull through. Based on those historical examples as well as a few from recent events, “Tips” of core concepts for teaching others can help rekindle hope and possibility including ourselves. For teachers at all levels and across all disciplines, for instructors in colleges and universities, for leaders in business and organizations, in churches and communities—even for individuals wanting to see some promising possibilities for themselves—here are ideas for inspiring others—for neighbors and friends, family members here and afar, co-workers, professional contacts, government employees, elected officials as well as those who aspire to elected office, for Rotarians in service to others.

Teachers, in particular, must bring an upbeat attitude to their work if they hope to motivate students. Research has taught us a great deal about the importance of energy in the learning equation. It’s infectious. If events that we all experience prove disheartening, those who rely on our energies may also become disheartened. Finding those ideas that have helped others get through difficult and dangerous challenges can help us navigate our own troubled times.

The ideas here are drawn from four published books of proven ideas for teaching peace and reconciliation, sustainability, and diversity as well as ideas for experiential learning.

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print edition: $15.99 e-book / pdf: $9.99

Advanced Praise

“I have no memory of not living in troubled times. It is the norm, and yet difficult and troubled times can be a source of optimism. For it is through diversity of thought and unsettled human activity that inspiration for change may be found. Within these pages, you will find raw, yet thoroughly grounded stories that inspire and give hope. Each of these 147 lessons comes from a lifetime of experience, both in theory and practice. Each has been tested in the laboratory of human conflict. Each has great value. Troubled times require concentration and focus on doing what is right. Those who stay the course will succeed.”
– Bill Emslie, past Rotary Foundation District Governor and retired Captain from the U.S. Navy

“Learning Life’s Lessons is, as the subtitle promises, an inspirational guide for dealing with adversity in troubled times. Organized as a practical month-by-month guide, it draws on the experiences of many notable historical figures, athletes, politicians, scientists, who have faced challenges and triumphed, just as we might in our own lives. Hope and resilience do not come easily, but there are skills and strategies that can be learned and practiced. Notable is the emphasis on peace as more than just the absence of war, but an achievement of ethical commitment and sustained focus.”

– Allen Dyer, PhD & MD, author of several leading texts on medical ethics and a consultant for communities around the world struggling with trauma

About the Author

Dr. William M. Timpson is a professor in the School of Education at Colorado State University. He has written or co-authored nineteen books including several that address issues of peace and reconciliation, sustainability and diversity.

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