World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

Media and Information Technology Education

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SIG Leadership

Dr. Joyce Pittman, Coordinator
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dr. Minnie Ladores, Co-Coordinator
Frostburg, MD, USA

Rianne de los Reyes, MS, Secretary and Recorder

Former Leadership

Mr. Badahir, Past-Coordinator

SIG Members Project Contributor and Organizer:

Yulia Stukalina

Head of the Chair of Linguistics
Transport and Telecommunication Institute
Lomonosova iela 1, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia
E-mail: __alina_s@tsi.lv__

Other Members At-Large

  • Rasheed Farrah
  • Jimmi Fischer Rushing
  • H. Hale Kunucen
  • Fatih Gursul
  • Penelope V. Flores
  • Fayez Mina
  • Flosy D’Souza
  • Tessy Torru
  • Ismet Yigitbasi
  • Balazs Klein
  • Yulia Stukalina
  • Minnie Ladores
  • Joyce Pittman
  • Rianne de los Reyes


  • The Media/Technology SIG encourages WCCI members, partners and collaborators to focus on the convergence of new media, ICT and organizational communication to maximize educational and human capacity, which encourages support for equitable access to learning opportunities.
  • These efforts aim to improve coordination and effectiveness of transformational curriculum to advance harmonious relations in a free and just society.


  • The M/T Sig commits to encouraging equitable access to technology to support global learning including innovative materials in different languages to advance and sustain utilizing technology in education and provides alternative means for people to participate in WCCI world conferences, meetings and published outcomes in online and print sources (such as journals). We urge all members (SIGs) to share knowledge from investigations about how WCCI members and other educators are using media and technology to teach and advance curriculum development and instruction in the world.
  • Stressing the fact that this SIG commits itself to strive towards developing and sustaining educator competencies, particularly in creating technological access to promote high quality education in emerging digital learning environments,


  • The special interest group of Media and Technology proposes support to WCCI toby working on the following ongoing and future projects:
  • Expand use of the Facebook Group, Email and Websites to promote continuing communication among members and to increase WCCI memberships,
  • Promote WCCI through 2-­‐3 minute videos on Facebook, Webcasts and Webinars,
  • Create WCCI Youtube channel to share and promote relevant SIG and WCCI media presentations,
  • Monitor progress of the social networking sites and present results at the WCCI 2014 conference,
  • Support WCCI in conducting action-­‐oriented research and planning for alternative means of participation during international and regional conferences (e.g. webcasts and virtual meetings),
  • Share opportunities for academic publishing online. This may be done through Facebook, WCCI Sig Webpage and other AND
  • Collaborate with members and organizations to identify funding, support action research and interactive alliances to implement the recommendations in this resolution document (E.g. GETRA)


  1. Create WCCI Online 1 Publications
  2. Explore and Pilot Options for Social Networking Tools, Webinars and Virtual Conferences
  3. Report on all proposed topics, research, activities and suggestions by 2014