World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

Education for Sustainable Development



  • Isabel I. Abear (Philippines)
  • Ragini V. Didolkar (India)
  • Kasturi V. Didolkar (India)
  • Sr. Joseline Lasala (Philippines)
  • Virgilio U. Manzano (Philippines)
  • Arlyne C. Marasigan (Philippines)
  • Gloria Q. Resurreccion (Philippines)
  • Sneh Verma (India)
  • Rowena Victoria C. Ventura (Philippines)

Co-Coordinator: Clay Starlin (USA)
Co-Coordinator: Geetha Janet Vitus (India)


We will act as Environmental Action Educators to support environmental laws, so that we can guide and guard their proper and strict implementation and to ensure adherence to environmental justice. Through our actions we will be a catalyst for change and become environmental peace building advocates.


Infuse Environmental Education at all levels of the educational system (e.g., policy level, teacher training, administrator training, adult education/parent, etc.)

Begin environmental education instruction in the home & at the pre-school level and include environmental education in the school curriculum at all school levels to ensure that students acquire functional