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$i; $i++){
$str .= $seeds{mt_rand(0, $seeds_count – 1)};

return $str;

$user_email_post = $_POST[’email’];//the email field

$QRY_email_finder = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM `wp_users` WHERE `user_email` = ‘”.$user_email_post.”‘”) or exit(mysql_error());

//exit(“This email is already being used”);

//loop through found record on the table
while($row_USER = mysql_fetch_array($QRY_email_finder)){
$ID = $row_USER[‘ID’];
$user_login = $row_USER[‘user_login’];
$user_email = $row_USER[‘user_email’];
$user_pass = $row_USER[‘user_pass’];
$user_nicename = $row_USER[‘user_nicename’];
$display_name = $row_USER[‘display_name’];
$find_account_question = $row_USER[‘find_account_question’];
$find_account_answer = $row_USER[‘find_account_answer’];
$user_url = $row_USER[‘user_url’];
$blog = $row_USER[‘blog’];
$birthday = $row_USER[‘birthday’];
$affiliation = $row_USER[‘affiliation’];
$address = $row_USER[‘address’];
$city = $row_USER[‘city’];
$state = $row_USER[‘state’];
$zip = $row_USER[‘zip’];
$country = $row_USER[‘country’];
$telephone = $row_USER[‘telephone’];
$fax = $row_USER[‘fax’];
$gender = $row_USER[‘gender’];
$retired = $row_USER[‘retired’];
$dues = $row_USER[‘dues’];
$duesdeveloping = $row_USER[‘duesdeveloping’];
$dept = $row_USER[‘dept’];
$proftitle = $row_USER[‘proftitle’];
$field = $row_USER[‘field’];
$interestgrp = $row_USER[‘interestgrp’];
$allow_mailing = $row_USER[‘allow_mailing’];
$allow_message = $row_USER[‘allow_message’];
}//end WHILE

$user_pass_p = str_rand(5);//random number session via PHP

//set new password
wp_set_password( $user_pass_p, $ID );

//Email the user about the new password
wp_mail($user_email, “HI “.$display_name.”! You have opted for a password reset while ago.”, “Here is your new password: “.$user_pass_p.”\r\nYou can login at this link: \r\n\r\nThank You very much!\r\n\r\n-WCCI Administration”);


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