World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

March 3, 2011

Educating for a Worldview: Focus on Globalizing Curriculum and Instruction

Editors: Larry Hufford
Teresita Pedrajas


Preface – ix
Acknowledgements – xiii

I .Education and Globalization: A View from Oceania – 1
Konai H. Thaman

2. A Pedagogy for Building a Justpeace Global Civil Society – 15
Rose Wu

3. Alice Miel Lecture: A Personal Journey to Peace Education – 29
Larry Hufford

4. Assessing Culturally Responsible Pedagogy in Student Work, Reflections, Rubrics, and Writing – 41
Tonya Huber and Douglas F. Warring

5. Globalizing Curriculum and Instruction by Encouraging a Breaking Away from Hegemonic – 73
Peter J. Heffernam

6. Humanizing Global Technology – 91
Judith Johnson

7. The Sound Approach to Effective Global Communication in English: Leveling the Playing Field – 105
Michael Higgins

8. Children at Risk in Education (CARE): A Transatlantic Partnership Programming that Develops Global Competencies through International Experiences – 115
Jean Benton and Sandra McWilliams

9. Educating for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility – 129
Noorjehan N. Ganihar

10. Education for Peace: Models of What is Working in Working Models – 137
Marilyn Higgins

11. ‘Education for All’ – Problems and Perspectives in the Light of Globalization – 115
Geetha J. Vitus

12. Equitable Sharing of the World’s Information Resources Via the Internet: How Ready are Higher Education Teachers in Some Nigerian Universities? – 163
Alice E. Asim

13. Life Long Peace Education for a Culture of Peace – 181
H. M. Shailaja

14. Enhancing an Appreciation for Cultural Diversity among Pre- service Teachers and Promoting Techniques for Teaching It – 189
Kathleen Conway