World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

Peace Education

Rome Conference Report of the Special Interest Group on Peace Education, Human Rights and Global Citizenship

Coordinator: Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC & Dr. Estela Matriano


Allan Peejay Lappay-Secretary
Maria Teresa Africa
Asha Isa
Julianna Kiss
De-Yin Shih
Yu-Wen Lin
Vijaya Kumari
Penelope Flores
Eiko Heffron
Kamiya Kumar
Teresita Pedrajas
Monica Nndi Ekwutosi
Genevieve Balance Kupang
Jonathan Trauth
Dorothy Akubuilo
Eucharia Obiekiezie
Jay Heffron
Sheryl Evans Davis

Chairperson of SIG: Genevieve Balance Kupang

Peace Dducation


We, the WCCI family, cognizant of the sublime ideals and praxis of peace education, respect for human rights, and global citizenship, hereby commit to incorporate them in the core mission and process of learning in the schools, formal and informal platforms of education, asynchronous, online and lifelong learning, with inclusive and interdisciplinary approach transcending racial, cultural, religious, ethnic, gender, and socio-economic differences, thus embrace unity in diversity. With integrity and love, we uphold the value of transformative education that would bring about peaceful, just, responsible, and global citizens and societies.


  • Enrich the curriculum and instruction with the principles and practices of peace education, respect for human rights, and global citizenship
  • Develop empathy and deeper understanding of upholding peace, human rights, and global citizenship
  • In local and global context, develop modules and learning materials on how to translate peace and unity in one’s own family, community and country
  • Organize seminars and workshops, share expertise, on peace education, human rights and global citizenship
  • Learn proper values and attitudes to promote peace, respect for human rights and dignity, and globalization
  • Teach and learn the inclusive and creative perspectives and strategies of promoting peace, justice, interculturality, inter-religious dialogue, and global citizenship
  • Link with NGOs, agencies and organizations advocating peace and human rights


We resolve to undertake the following:

  1. Embed in the curriculum and instruction of all levels the relevant and universal principles and essence of peace education, respect for human rights, and global citizenship;
  2. Contextualize learning to encompass the cognitive, affective, and behavioral values, skills, and competencies of educators and learners to promote as well as demonstrate inner and relational peace, global mindset, and respect for human rights and dignity;
  3. Create modules and learning activities for administrators, faculty and students in all levels to reinforce empathy, care and understanding of a common humanity and interconnectedness founded in the family, society and the world;
  4. Conduct training, workshops, sharing of research and studies, and collaborative undertakings to deepen, broaden, and promote the WCCI advocacies, particularly on peace education, respect for human rights and global citizenships;
  5. Partner and network with local and international curriculum designers, policy makers, NGOs, agencies and organizations in spreading, continuous sharing, generating resources, and sustaining programs and initiatives on peace education, human rights, and global citizenship.

Peace Education