World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

Ethics and Values


  • Sr. Mary Elena Tuazon – St. Paul University at San Miguel, Philippines
  • Dr. (Sr.) Celene Joseph – St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, India
  • Dr. Ruth Firer – Hewbrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Dr. Prasanth Mathew – Bethlehem Educational Research Foundation, India
  • Dr. Judith Johnson – International Educational Initiatives, Japan



Spirituality is the foundation of all education.

  • Teach universal virtues in our milieu of different religions, beliefs and cultural contexts
  • Integrate virtues in the teaching of all disciplines in our respective institutions

Approaches and Strategies

  • Tintegrative approach of mind, heart and hands
  • student-centered active learning
  • reflection
  • the arts
  • quotations (religious, philosophical)
  • thinking skills

Action Plan

  • identify spiritual themes related to scientific and cultural concepts, history, literature, and so on in our respective curricula
  • exchange current and future teaching materials and ideas for developing new materials
  • develop a program that will train education majors to incorporate universal virtues in lessons
  • share our materials with others and make them available through links on different websites