World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

Culture, Arts & Language


  • Rasheed Farrah
  • Jimmi Fischer Rushing
  • H. Hale Kunucen
  • Fatih Gursul
  • Penelope V. Flores
  • Fayez Mina
  • Flosy D’Souza
  • Tessy Torru
  • Ismet Yigitbasi
  • Minnie Ladores
  • TJoyce Pittman
  • Balazs Klein

Coordinator: Shu Zhen Liu


  • This is a newly created special interest group.
  • All languages are borrowed from each other but the real danger is when language is lost.
  • Many indigenous, aboriginal and native dialects and languages, mother tongues are being suppressed by the dominant language of that country.
  • Many of our children are not given the opportunity to learn in schools their mother tongue.
  • By protecting our mother tongue we can transfer our values, cultures and identity to the future generation.
  • Adoption of new cultures and languages is certain but what is necessary is the maintenance of the mother tongue to preserve the purity of language and culture.
  • As teachers, we play the vital role of transferring the language and culture to our children.


  • Every opportunity for children to be bi-lingual / multilingualism in school.
  • The children of the world should have access to their history in their native language / mother tongue.
  • The training of teacher in language acquisition methodology.


Keeping in line with the theme of the conference, we want to enhance understanding between people of the earth we, hereby resolve that:

  • The primary education should be in the native language or mother tongue.
  • School should promote the ability to be bi-lingual / multilingual.
  • We pledge to seek ways to preserve the unique and richness of all the worlds’ languages.