World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

President’s Message


Dear WCCI Members and Friends:

Warm greetings from Manila, Philippines. By now all of us should have arrived safe from our wonderful trip in San Diego, California, USA, rested and resumed our official duties in our respective positions. We are grateful for the blessings of a pleasant journey and successful WCCI Conference.

On behalf of the WCCI Executive Board, it is my privilege to send everyone this special letter of thanks and congratulations to each one of you for your valuable contribution to the success of the historic and first WCCI world conference held in the USA. You have become part of the WCCI history which will never be repeated. Thank you for being there. What I really want to convey in this letter of thanks are blessings and the good things we shared in this historic moments together. In addition I also included some recommendations for enrichment.

First of all please join me in this heartfelt appreciation for the excellent preparations and management of the whole conference by Dr. Estela C. Matriano, WCCI Executive Director and Ms. Carole I. Caparros, WCCI Executive Assistant who have prepared perfectly all the details of the program from its conceptualization to its implementation. The three main speakers, Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Congressman Scott Peters, and Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury among others were excellent.

Alliant International University Officials and Co-Sponsors are quite impressive in their roles and those I wish to especially mention are the following distinguished officials: President Geoffrey Cox, Provost and Vice President Russ Newman and Interim Education Dean Rhonda Brinkley-Kennedy , Dr. Jerry Miller, the Program Chairperson who worked very hard to see the whole program through successfully, Madeleine De Torsiac our trusted Treasurer, Bettina Hausmann, President of the United Nations Association, San Diego Chapter, another Co-Sponsor who contributed tremendously to the whole event.

I wish to congratulate all the paper, workshop and panel presenters, chairpersons and all the participants who shared their researches, initiatives and activities aligned to the theme and at the same time challenged our participants to continue their scientific and academic research pursuits in the local, national, regional and global levels.

Congratulations to the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Coordinators for having challenged all their members to concretely plan their collaborative initiatives, programs, research and activities, that will continue their person to person contact as resource persons in their fields of expertise. We envision these groups to produce researched- based programs and activities that are relevant to create a culture of lasting peace and care for the planet earth. We are challenging every WCCI member to make his/ her position be heard in their locale, national and international organizations. We expect all of us to network with other sectors of the society to be models, initiators, advocates, supporters of culture of peace and care for planet earth.

Let us be leaders in revising our curriculum to integrate peace education, human rights education, gender education, global education, informational technology literacy or media education, ethics and values education, early childhood education, special education , cultural arts communication and entrepreneurial education among others.

Let us consider subsidizing research projects in each of these SIGs, it is time for all of us to produce researched-based projects that will have an impact to the people in the locale , national and international lives of the society along the culture of peace and care for planet earth! .

Please give us an update, we have the quarterly newsletter to publish our varied activities, programs and initiatives. Get in touch with Dr. Joyce Pittman, our Newsletter Editor. We have the Publication Committee Chair, Dr. Ismail Mirici as the Editor of our Journal to publish our researches. Give us through the Secretariat an update of your activities, programs, initiatives, networking. We have Dr. Carol Danao, the Chair for the Research and Development Program who will come out with procedures on how we can produce lesson plans and come up with Accreditation Program on the Culture of Peace and Care for Planet Earth.

WCCI as a world organization should maintain its affiliation with the United Nations. There was quite an interest developed from the speech of Ambassador Chowdhury during the conference to attend the CSW Meetings in New York in March, 2015. This is a good sign of progress for WCCI. However, it is not easy to register in this NY/UN conference. A set of criteria will be developed by the Secretariat who among the WCCI members are qualified to attend the CSW meetings. Above all the delegate must be prepared to shoulder the financial expenses that the New York/ UN meeting will require. WCCI does not have in its budget the funds to pay for the expenses of the delegates to this New York City/UN meetings. It is either personal funds or your institution/university can pay for your expenses. It is better that this funding issue is clear to everyone to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

We need to improve our membership too. Get more members from the different levels as well as from the leadership ranks of the educational sectors in your country. We also need to expand our membership to more countries of the world. Let us work together on how we can establish chapters in other countries. Network with friends from other countries and explore expanding your membership. Please enhance your membership collection so as to involve more bona fide members to vote during our election period. Let us elect the best leaders from our country to represent our voice, our needs, dreams and aspirations in this beloved organization. We will have an election coming soon. Please participate actively and vote in this election.

In the Philippines we have a strong movement in establishing the Student Chapter. We already have some 500 student members. This will introduce the future teachers to join our organization. You may also start with the WCCI initiated project, Student Teaching International Partnership Program to form Global Educators without Borders. This is an ongoing project that I started with National Kaohsiung Normal University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Province of China; Maepra Fatima School in Bangkok, Thailand and with Alliant International University in San Diego, California USA for the past three years. I see the possibility of concretizing a program with New Delhi, India. If you need more information about this ongoing project, please contact me.

Let us pray for one another as peace lover, peace bringer, peacemaker, and committed and passionate steward of our planet earth!

I close with the sincere wish for a very good and healthy biennial preparation as I look forward to see all of you in the WCCI 17th World Conference.
God loves each of us!

Teresita Paed- Pedrajas, EdD.
WCCI President
Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Education
St. Dominic College of Asia
Bacoor City, Philippines